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Scottsdale Spring Training

In Scottsdale, the National League is well represented, with three teams from the Senior Circuit, namely, the San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and the hometown Arizona Diamondbacks. Of course, there are another twelve teams that play in the Cactus League, each one located in several suburbs around the Phoenix Metro Area. Moreover, if you reserve a vacation home with Scottsdale Rentals, not only will you have a home base for Scottsdale Spring Training, but you also have the ability to see any of the other teams within the region without too much fuss or traffic.

Scottsdale Stadium

With the capacity the hold a whopping 10,500 people, you are assured to have more than enough room to stretch out and enjoy the game you came to see. To make matters even better, you won’t have to deal with any long lines at the ticket box either; enjoy the perks of the 21st century with the ability to get your tickets online and head directly from your car to the seats. Further, you’ll be intrigued by the more retro style of this ballpark, but you’ll also find there are some unique aspects regarding the seating arrangements. For instance, you might enjoy picking a spot near the third base line and have a picnic while you watch the game. No matter which seat you choose, you will find that they all have great views, and even in the upper section you’ll still be able to sit back and watch with ease.

To make the stadium even better, you’ll find that it’s located downtown, which means that once the game is over, or even before it has begun, you have access to a plethora of shops and other activities that can be found in the downtown area. You’ll also discover that there are many restaurants nearby, all which offer mouth-watering cuisine, so enjoy a ball game before heading out for a tasty meal to truly finish off what is sure to be remembered as a perfect day.

There are a couple things to keep in mind, however. Do know that no bags are permitted in the stadium; this is due to safety concerns and extends to backpacks and handbags. Also, it goes without saying, but do know that no weapons of any kind are permitted in the stadium, and each guest must pass through a metal detector. All in all, you are sure to discover that the Scottsdale Stadium is the perfect place to come and enjoy your team’s training.

San Francisco Giants

This venerable ball club has been playing since 1883 when the team began as the New York Gothams. The team changed its name shortly thereafter to the New York Giants and it played in the Big Apple for more than six decades until departing to the Bay Area in 1957. Today, the San Francisco Giants play their spring training baseball at Scottsdale Stadium, one of the best parks in the Cactus League. The Scottsdale Stadium Spring Training was built on the grounds of the former park, originally built in 1956. Several other teams such as the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles played in the park before the Giants arrived in 1984. In 1992, the park was completely rebuilt and then once again refurbished in 2006.

Hometown Diamondbacks at Scottsdale Spring Training

At Salt River Fields, the Arizona Diamondbacks take the field with the hope of obtaining those coveted World Series rings in late October. The team obtained the Commissioner’s Trophy once during that memorable series in 2001 against the New York Yankees; however, it has been almost two decades since the club has seen action in the Fall Classic. Nevertheless, Salt River Fields provides seating at a capacity of 11,000 for local fans to enjoy their hometown heroes. Additionally, Salt River Fields is one of the only parks in the Cactus League that has obtained a U.S. Certified LEED rating in regard to environmental standards at the facility.

Colorado Rockies

The National League West is well represented in Scottsdale, as the Colorado Rockies also play in town. The Colorado Rockies share Salt River Fields with the Arizona Diamondbacks and when they aren’t playing each other, the teams alternate using the facility. Fortunately for fans of the Rockies, the warm weather calls many from those colder climates to fly south and enjoy spring training baseball.

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