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Phoenix St Patrick’s Day Parade

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St. Patrick’s Day is a festive holiday that is known for bright green, shamrocks, Irish dancing, and — well, drinking! But of course, if you are drinking on St. Paddy’s Day, you need to drink Guinness. Go to your local pub, ask for a perfect pour of Guinness (make sure the white at the top is foamy!), and enjoy the good vibes. 

We have the perfect place to celebrate this fun holiday — head to the Phoenix St Patrick’s Day Parade down the bustling stress of this vibrant and eclectic city. You will enjoy seeing the artists with their paintings, the musicians play their upbeat music and the performers in customers really light up the atmosphere.  

Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route 

Plus, there are many points at which you can see the famous parade! You don’t need to all crowd in one spot to check out the paraders walking by. Go to different points of the route to avoid the crowds, get the best viewpoints, and get in the holiday spirit. We recommend getting to downtown Phoenix early on the day of (before 10am if possible) and then choosing your favorite spot to sit and hang out — one of the best vantage points of the fun parade is the ending at Willetta Street. 

Parade Information 

 Being prized is key – this holds true for St. Patrick’s Day Parade. If you want to be like the Irish do, then you need to go to a pub or bar before and after. We recommend going to one of the Celtic museums and workshops in the area, followed by having a pint (or five) at Clancy’s Pub Pizza and Grill or K O’Donnell’s Sports Bar & Grill. Whatever you do, don’t head to The Union Jack British pub — at least not today! — or the Irish will be angry. 

Accommodation in Phoenix

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Whether you want to be near the mountain with your 10 best friends or you would rather enjoy a small, one-bedroom apartment in Glendale, we can offer you something for everyone. Check out Scottsdale Rentals before you come to the St. Paddy’s Day parade!  

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