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Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots

There is something inherently relaxing about viewing wildlife and the land they call home. Even when we go on a vacation to the big city, many of us still wish to spend at least a small amount of our vacation amongst the animals that originally called the land and area their own. Well, if you are looking to connect once more with the natural world, make sure once more you read our list of the top five best wildlife places to see in Scottsdale!

Phoenix Herpetological Society

One of the best parts of staying in Scottsdale is you also get the choice of the multitude of other activities that lie within the surrounding community, and the Phoenix Herpetological Society is among the best for those seeking to spend time with the natural world. Here you will not only get to see the various reptiles that call the society home, but many of their adult demonstrations and tours even allow you to interact with them! For instance, you’ll find the Alligators and Adaptations demonstrations, which have you actively interacting with various alligators and crocodiles—at times even helping to feed them! You’ll find many other events and demonstrations going on in their halls. However, you’ll also find they offer such things as dog rattlesnake training, animal handling training, and a tour of the complex. On these tours you won’t just see the facilities but will also learn about the various endangered species that lie in the area, as well as how they try to help them thrive despite their precarious situation, not to mention many hands-on activities that will be conducted throughout the tour. So, if you are looking to spend a day amongst the animals, make sure you keep the U.S.’s largest reptile sanctuary in mind!

Sunrise Trail Head

There are few must see places in Scottsdale AZ to get a glimpse of the surrounding wildlife, far away from the prying eyes and clamor of humans. Well, the Sunrise Trail Head is perfect for those looking to not only see the wonders of nature, but also get an easy hike in to make the experience all the better. This 1.2-mile hike takes you through a series of switchbacks as you make your way through the desert terrain. After reaching the summit you’ll have a beautiful panoramic view of the wilderness peaks including the Superstition Wilderness, Fountain Hills, South Mountain, Camelback, and the nearby McDowell Range. This is not to mention the multitude of beautiful desert scenery that you will pass on your way here. Further, you’ll not only find striking views but being so far from the touch of humans, you’re chances of catching a glimpse of the many desert animals are quite a bit higher. Finally, if you find yourself still energized and seeking more after you finish, then feel free to keep going along the trail for even better views of the surrounding area and the natural desert world, however, keep in mind the trail becomes substantially steeper after this point. However, no matter if you stop at the 1.2-mile marker or continue in your adventure you are sure to satisfy the craving to spend some time with the natural world, and the wildlife that calls the desert home.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

If hiking is your thing, then you are sure to fall in love with the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, which hosts a staggering 84 trails for you to explore, ranging from fun nature walks at 1.9 miles, to multiday backpacking adventures at 51.2 miles! No matter which trails you choose though, you are sure to welcome the sights in this sustainable desert habitat, which is permanently protected, ensuring that you truly enjoying nature in all it’s splendor as our ancestors once did. Further, if you are looking for something more then a hike fear not for McDowell offers a wide selection of multi-use trails for anyone from bikers to hikers, to dog walkers and even horseback riders! Not to mention that you’ll find a host of handicap accessible trails ensuring that truly nobody is left out and is able to experience all the hidden beauties that lie in the tough, unforgiving deserts of Arizona. If you find yourself feeling particularly adventurous make sure you check out the various rock-climbing routes that dot the various mountains and boulders. So, if you are looking to truly get far out into nature and enjoy the wildlife as it originally was untouched by the hands of humans, then make sure you stop by the McDowell Sonoran Preserve!

Pinnacle Peak Park

For those who are seeking a slightly easier hike, and one which has proven time and time again to gift unforgettable views of both the desert scenery, as well as the various critters that lie hidden amongst the cactus and mesquite. This 1.75 out and back trail is popular for a reason, with 1,300 feet of elevation gain you will be able to see far out into the surrounding countryside and are almost assured to see one of the local animals as they search and explore the desert world. This hike stands out further though as you won’t be going through it and examining the local wildlife blind for there are multiple informative signs posted throughout the trail, giving you all the knowledge you need to truly appreciate the sights you are beholding. Not only this, but along with the animals, you will have astounding views of the beautiful countryside, and for those looking to make an afternoon of it you’ll be pleased to know there are several park benches to enjoy your picnic as you gaze out over the red and orange dirt and rocks. Finally, you are truly looking to let the adventurer out, then bring some gear with you and tackle the various rock-climbing routes that are closed to the general public, giving you an experience few can lay claim to. So, if you are looking for a fun hike nestled far into the wilderness where you can see the desert in all its unchanged glory, then make sure you keep Pinnacle Peak Park in mind!

Bartlett Lake Recreation Area

While we have discussed several hiking areas you can explore and be with our furry brethren, we will end our journey with the thrills of water and beaches at Bartlett Lake Recreation Area! Here, hidden amongst the cliffs of the desert, lies a surprisingly large lake stretching out over 2,815 acres and hosting a multitude of various plants and wildlife within its midst. As well, feel free to stay the night camping upon its shores, where you are sure to catch a glimpse of something in the early morning hours. You’ll have the ability to see Mule Deer, Bald Eagles, Javelina (look but keep a distance, they may be pigs, but they can be surprisingly fierce), Coyotes and more! You’ll even get to see a wide range of desert plants ranging from the proud and tall Saguaro to the hard and brittle branches of Mesquite. Further, once you’ve had your fill of the local wildlife, make sure you spend a few hours partaking in all the typical activities one would find on a lake, from fishing to boat rentals, to kayaking, to paddleboards there is enough to do at Bartlett Lake Recreation Area to keep you entertained for hours, not to mention satisfying that deep instinctual urge to be amongst the trees and animalistic brethren.

Explore These Natural Places to See in Scottsdale

If reading any of these has you drifting off into the world of daydreams, imagining all the places you can see the desert animals and terrain, make sure you enquire further by calling Scottsdale Rentals today at (844) 948-1273 or contact us here! These are some of the must see places in Scottsdale AZ, for all the wildlife and nature lovers! Book your stay today in one of our Scottsdale vacation homes with useful amenities!