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Top 5 Scottsdale Tourist Spots

When we go on vacation, oftentimes we want to see things that will make our eyes grow wide, that will make our mouth hang agape at the wonder we are seeing. Well, these are often places that all tourists flock to for this very reason, and in order to make things a bit easier on you, we’ve done the hard part and put together a list of the top five Scottsdale tourist spots!


Many of us have heard of skydiving, yet very few are willing to ever actually try it. After all, it is perfectly natural to not want to launch yourself from a plane and entrust your survival to a piece of fabric. However, with iFly, even the most skittish amongst us have the ability to get an idea of what it’s like to fall from heaven with their indoor skydiving! What’s even better is that not only is it obviously safer than the actual thing, but you also don’t need any experience to enjoy and appreciate this one-of-a-kind activity! Not only will you get to float upon air in a wind tunnel, but they will teach you the very basics of skydiving! If you find yourself visiting for a special occasion, make sure to keep them in mind as they also do private events, corporate events, social outings etc. So, while you’re with us, why not get to experience something that very few can say they have, all while being perfectly safe at iFly!

Wandering Hearts Adventure

You most likely came to Scottsdale for a variety of reasons, however, no matter the reason you came, you probably never thought you’d be able to see the most famous natural wonders and towns in the state, let alone all within a single day! However, that’s what you get with Wandering Hearts Adventure, who offer six different day trip packages for you to choose from, ranging from the rustic red rocks of Sedona to the breathtaking Antelope Canyon to the fascinating and fun Tombstone and everything in between. Many of the tours even combine different locations such as their Sedona and Grand Canyon tour which lets you see two of Arizona’s most famous areas within one single trip! As well, quite uniquely, they are more than willing to create a custom trip for you, ensuring that no matter what you hope to see, you are assured to see it with Wandering Hearts Adventure.

REI Co-op Adventure Center

When one thinks of Scottsdale and the larger Phoenix area, they might not immediately think of outdoor adventures exploring the natural world. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that at REI Co-op Adventure Center, you not only can see the desert but truly have an adventure to tell your friends about back home. Offering a range of guided tours, they truly do hit all the major activities, including mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and simple walking tours. They truly have a tour for almost everything. As well, each of their guides is not only an expert adventurer but is also first aid and CPR certified, giving you peace of mind while you explore. Finally, they offer tours for every skill level and tend to match parties up with others of their skill set, ensuring that everybody has the best experience possible. However, if you are a well-seasoned explorer, feel free to explore the deserts of Arizona on your own by renting equipment and creating your own adventure. Sometimes one might be looking to do something a little less strenuous and closer to home; in this case, they still have you covered, as they offer a range of different classes such as yoga and hiking. So, if you are seeking to truly see the desert in its natural beauty void of the concrete coverings, then make sure you stop by REI Co-op Adventure Center!

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall

While many might find a mall being on this list rather odd, let alone so high up, they will understand once they gaze upon the behemoth that is the Fashion Square Mall. Stretching out over a staggering 2,000,000 square feet, packed to the brim with every luxury and fashion outlet you could imagine, they truly are the center of fashion and design in Scottsdale. Here you will find such famous names as Gucci, Nordstrom, and Louis Vuitton, as well as your more common names such as Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Tiffany. They even have an in-person Amazon store featuring products 4-star and above! They truly have almost every fashion or luxury store you could think of. Not only this, but they have a surprisingly large number of different eateries should you feel your stomach begin to rumble after an afternoon perusing the massive mall. You’ll find your classics like Cinnabon, Chipotle, and Burberry, but also Boba Tea and Francine’s! You very well just might find yourself spending an entire day within its walls and never find yourself void of a new shop or eatery to try!

OdySea Aquarium

There is something oddly soothing and calming about aquariums, about watching the sea life lazily glide through the water like a breath of wind through silk. Well, you will get to experience that and more with the unique attractions at OdySea Aquarium! Here you will find OdySea Voyager, the only “rotating aquarium experience” which will have you “submerged” in a submarine as you explore the oceans in this revolutionary learning adventure. As well, you can see their deep ocean gallery where you take the escalator down into the deeps of the oceans blue to see the odd life that exists there. Speaking of, make sure you check out Bizarre and Beautiful to see the odd results of mother nature attempting to adapt to the strangest of environments. You have the classic touch pools where you can get up close and personal with various creatures of the sea. Further, you will find a multitude of other exhibits including penguins, otters, and coral reefs. You will not only be entertained and amazed at the length they have gone to create a truly unique, and entertaining, experience, but you’ll also find yourself walking away with a clearer picture of the mysteries that lie deep within the darkness of our oceans. So, if you are looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon make sure you give OdySea Aquarium a gander!

If you’re ready to explore all of these Scottsdale tourist spots, make sure you contact Scottsdale Rentals today at (844) 948-1273 or book your rental online!