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Top 5 Local Scottsdale Shops

When we go to a new place, especially for the first time, we don’t want to go to the same chains and large corporations we see at home and dotted everywhere. Instead, we want to see stores that offer something we don’t typically get to see at home, or that we may never get the chance to venture into again. For those of you who connect with this sentiment, we have put together a list of the top five local Scottsdale shops!

Antique Trove

There is something just inherently fascinating about getting to explore a shop and gaze upon items from a long-forgotten time. Well, for the antique lovers out there, you are sure to enjoy Antique Trove, as they host a staggering 23,000 square feet of store space! Here you will find everything from furniture from the 1800s to the mid-century, Victorian era antiques, 60s memorabilia, as well as coins, stamps, clothing, albums, art and more. When one begins to appreciate the sheer volume this antique store offers, it becomes clear why they were voted the best antique store in 2009! As well, they even have occasional events, so make sure to keep an eye on their calendar for when you are coming to visit. If you want to spend a couple hours perusing the shadows of the past, then make sure you stop by and give Antique Trove a gander!

Kactus Jock

While some may call it cheesy or corny, there is something fun about browsing the wares of a good old fashioned gift shop. After all, everybody loves owning at least one physical reminder of the vacation memories they now hold dear. Well, for those seeking something of this nature, make sure you give Kactus Jock a call! Selling a variety of wares, they are sure to have something you enjoy. Here you will find the typical t-shirt which boasts images of the Arizona culture and landscape, as well as ones that will have you chuckling and laughing. You will also find a selection of souvenir masks, cups, hats, and even shot glasses. You can even find a collection of art should you want to decorate your walls with your memories. Further, if you are coming to visit or see a beloved child off to college, they even have a selection of ASU clothing to show your support! So, if you are looking for that special item to remind you of your time with us, them make sure you give Kactus Jock a try!


There are quite a few of us who enjoy the search for that special clothing item that radiates both our personality and makes us look as gorgeous as we can possibly look—or at least makes us feel that way. Well, for those moments when you need that little something to add to your wardrobe, Objects is one of the top Scottsdale shops. Here at Objects, you find all your usual clothing items—you will have your dresses to make you feel elegant, your t-shirts to feel at home, your handbag to accessorize and jewelry to show off. However, some will have the simple style that is not only pleasing to the eyes but pleasing to wear as well, while others will be much busier and look like a modern artist has taken to the cloth to create his masterpiece. While busy, they are nonetheless elegant and gorgeous to visually behold. As well, Objects has a wide range of different designers, each with their own vision in mind, ensuring that every object you find is sure to be unique and different from the last. Finally, the current season is featuring a large selection of clothing items imbued with the warm colors of fall and the neutral ones of the approaching winter. While they do tend to run on the pricier side, Objects is worth going in for a peek, as you are sure to not be disappointed.

Charmed Avenue

At our number two spot for Scottsdale shopping, we have another woman’s boutique. However, where Objects tries to find balance between flair and elegance, Charmed Avenue has focused its energy on the beauty in simplicity, wherein the elegance of their items truly come out to play. Featuring a large array of different clothing items, Charmed Avenue has all that you could want, ranging from dresses and jumpers that have a stylish, elegant, and modern flair to those that are a bit more complicated, but all having a perfect balance of elegance, and eye-catching design. This fact doesn’t end with just their dresses, for everything from their bottoms to their tops to their shoes radiate the elegant beauty that is simplicity. They also have clothing items that are sure to satisfy a large number of tastes, as each clothing item seems to have been approached at a different angle by the individual designers. As well, if you know that special someone who might be eager for a new outfit, they do offer gift cards. If you find yourself in a hurry and unable to stop in person, fear not, for they now even offer online ordering. Come and see this charming, quaint shop with beautiful dresses!

Vintage by Misty

Finally, at number one we have another clothing shop. However, Vintage by Misty isn’t your everyday shop by any means; they truly specialize in the best of the best and host a variety of items from a large range of the most well-known and celebrated designers around. What’s more, when you shop at Vintage by Misty, you are shopping at the same store that some of the most famous A-list celebrities personally order from. For this reason, you know that you truly are getting the best of the absolute best when you put your trust in Misty. After all, you will find clothes from such famous individuals as Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Coyard, and more! As well, they do not only just look for the best of the designer clothes, but they specifically only specialize in vintage clothing. You won’t find your parachute pants or your “Where’s the Beef” shirt; instead, you will find elegant dresses going back to the beginnings of western fashion. You will see a wide variety items as well ranging from scarfs to belts, necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and handbags. It does seem like no matter what you are looking for, Vintage by Misty is sure to have it. As well, they are more than willing to also buy items that you own—they even offer consignment if you decide to go that route. So, if you truly want to see not only a wide selection of clothes but get to see items that only the top of top can own, (After all, how many people can say they’ve held a Channel bag or Gucci belt) make sure you pay Vintage by Misty a visit!

If you’ve read this article and are sitting there already opening new tabs to see all these places for yourself, ready to plan your Scottsdale shopping journey, make sure to give Scottsdale Rentals a call today at (844) 948-1273 or book your rental home with us online!