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Top 5 Local Only Scottsdale Restaurants

When we go on vacation, we often don’t want to go to those same familiar places we so often visit back home. We don’t want the big chain, but rather the good old fashioned “ma and pa” restaurant. While this type of small little local eatery seems to be getting rarer, there is still a variety of places for you to rest your weary legs and satisfy a rumbling stomach. For those who relate to this statement, we’ve gone ahead and put together the top five local only Scottsdale restaurants!

Coconut’s Fish Café

We will admit this one isn’t strictly speaking local, as they opened their first restaurant in Hawaii. However, it would be a disservice not to include it, as their Scottsdale locations are the ONLY place, as of writing this, where you can find their mouth-watering seafood on the mainland! Not only this, but Coconut’s Fish Café has been featured in several publications and been routinely known by some of the best of the best to have the world’s best fish tacos! As well, back down on the island, they are recognized as one of the top restaurants in Maui, meaning you’ll be able to taste the ocean all the way here in Scottsdale! Here you will find more than just fish tacos; you’ll also find coconut shrimp, calamari, ahi poke, taco salad, seafood salad, seafood chowder, steak tacos, and more! While their food is delicious, rest easily knowing they only use sustainable, wild-caught fish, and they recycle all their oil into biofuel. Not only this, but all their containers are recyclable and/or biodegradable. So, why not get a taste of Hawaii in the desert and stop by one of the best places to eat in Scottsdale, Coconut’s Fish Café!

Atlas B.Y.O.B

We have all heard of fine dining before, we have all seen the images of the perfectly presented plates that look like miniature works of art. That is, of course, what you will find at Atlas, although they have put their own unique spin on things by allowing you to bring your own bottle of wine to pair with their excellent meal. Not only are they award-winning, but all that you taste will be organic, hand foraged, local, wild, line caught, sustainable, and/or exotic, ensuring that you truly are not only getting the best ingredients, but those who pick them are doing so with the utmost care, which trickles down to the eruption of flavor as it hits your tongue. With your wine, you have the option of choosing a selection of cheese platters to start you off; these range from unpasteurized to premium cheeses from variety of animals including cows, sheep, and goat! As well, you will be gifted a five-course prix fixe menu that includes Linze Prime Hanger Steak, Wild Market Fish Crudo, Spiced Plantation’s Dark Rum Cake, and others! If you’re not sure what wine to pair or didn’t bring your own, don’t fear, for their wine shop has a wide selection of top wines for your purchase. If you are looking for a night of elegance and top food, then make sure you give Atlas B.Y.O.B a visit.

Grass Roots Kitchen and Tap

While there is something to exploring cuisine rich with both flavor and other cultures, at times we want to sit down to a familiar American meal, maybe with a slight spin on it. Well, Grass Roots Kitchen and Tap is your ideal choice should you ever feel this craving. Family owned and operated, this Southern-influenced American restaurant offers a wide range of options for both lunch and dinner. As well, you won’t find any name brand ingredients in your food; rather, every dish is made from scratch, ensuring that the chef’s genuine love for his art and craft will be able to shine through and be enjoyed. Here you’ll find a selection of entrees that range from Carolina baby back ribs to barbeque brisket, and even a vegetable platter that’s straight from the farm to your plate. If you are dining with another, you might be interested in their sharing plates such as ground burrata, pork belly or smoked salmon. You will get a taste of the coast with their seafood dishes such as Southern shrimp and grits and blackened redfish! Not only this, but if you find yourself in a hurry, they even offer curbside pickup. If you find yourself dining in, you can even opt for their dining patios so you can enjoy your feast under the warm rays of the desert sun. If you are looking for good old fashioned American food, make sure you head down to Grass Roots Kitchen and Tap!

Virtu Honest Craft

Even though you may find yourself in the desert, you’ll notice that you still have the deep desire to try some places to eat in Scottsdale that are “off the beaten path,” so to speak, something that you may not usually try or have even thought to try. Well, why not try some of the best Mediterranean-inspired food in the area at Virtu Honest Craft! Rated by Esquire Magazine to be one of the top 20 Best New Restaurants in the US, it’s easy to see why. Not only is their food delectable but their menu is constantly changing with the season and harvest, ensuring that every time you go, they will have something new. Currently you’ll find a range of homemade pastas like chitarra and gnocchi, cooked with only the most premium of seasonal produce, all from Arizona farms. You’ll also find seafood collected from some of the most celebrated fish markets in the country, as well as southern Europe! However, sometimes we aren’t looking to stuff ourselves but would rather just get something to nibble on while we enjoy a unique and splendid cocktail. For those occasions, make sure you try their small plates such as asparagi (made with duck egg, feta crumble, bacon candy and more). This is just a small selection from their menu which never stays still. So, why not come to Virtu Honest Craft and see what everyone has been raving about!


We have already discussed fine dining, but Reserve truly brings out the very meaning of the word elegant. This fine dining restaurant not only has mouth watering food, but you will find yourself seated in an intimate outdoor setting, perfect for sharing the night with that special person you hold so dear. On their menu, you won’t find just your typical steaks and such, but rather a collection of foods from around the world. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to taste and try all of it during your 12+ course tasting menu! You’ll get to try Royal Ostra Caviar, Chilean Sea Bass, Corn Fudd, Duck & Foie, Wagyu Striploin, Chocolate Caramel Cake and more.  As well, if you’d like to spend a bit extra, you can have a full wine pairing for each course, with the wines being carefully chosen by the masterful eye and mind of their sommeliers. Between the warm and intimate setting, the food which causes the mouth to water, and the perfectly selected wines which bring a new and unique addition to an already perfect meal, you are sure to have a night you’ll never forget here at Reserve.

If reading about these Scottsdale restaurants has your mouth already watering, make sure to call Scottsdale Rentals at (844) 948-1273 or book your journey online by reserving one of our rental properties today!