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Top 5 Late Night Hangout Spots

There is something quite special about the nighttime, for it is when the neon lights turn on, the forest critters and young ones go to bed, and the world becomes ours for the taking to party and dance until the sun rises once more signaling an end to the festivities. Well, here in Scottsdale you’ll find a wide range of different late-night activities and hangout spots that are sure to have you up late into the evening creating memories. So, read on about our top five Scottsdale AZ nightlife hangout spots and discover where the nearest party is to you!

Beverly on Main

What better way to spend a beautifully warm Arizona evening, than sitting in comfortable seats as you sip a sophisticated and fancy cocktail, or perhaps a glass of wine from the finest of bottles? Well, if this sounds like the perfect night for you, then make sure you check out Beverly on Main for a fancy, and sophisticated cocktail lounge where you and your guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy a night of sharing stories behind the welcoming walls of Beverly’s. Further, while good drinks are always a selling point and good a reason as any to hang out here late into the wee hours of the morning, rest assured knowing that when the stomach growls, they will have you covered with a selection of different entrees and snacks. You’ll find a range of salads from the classic Caesar to healthy pear and kale ones. You’ll also find a multitude of various finger foods ranging from wraps to tacos, to skewers, to flatbreads such as pepperoni or margherita. There truly is a bit of everything in the way of food, ensuring that at no point will your party need to retire from their sophisticated evening to seek out nourishment. So, bring your friends, grab a drink, think of your best story, and let the night begin at Beverly on Main.

The Birds Nest

When it comes to parties, few can beat that of The Birds Nest who is well known for the all-night parties that they put on. However, the only reason that it does not place higher on our list is the fact that, while an intense festivity and experience, it is only put on four nights out of the year. However, as is with most everything the things that require the most patience are usually the things most worth doing, and The Birds Nest is no exception. Put on by Coors Light, the Birds Nest is a part nightclub and part concert; the fact it is only open to those 21 and over should let you know the intensities of the jam fest that is to take place. You’ll find a wide selection of live entertains ranging from rappers to DJs, to rock groups all of which will put on a spectacle consisting of lasers, lights, and special effects. With so much going on, you are sure to lose yourself amongst the wave of rising and dancing bodies, the steady boom of the music, and the seeping warmth of fine liqueur. Finally, to put the icing on the cake The Birds Nest gives all its proceeds to various Arizona charities, making this not just a fun night for you, but also gives you the ability to say you partied all night for a good cause. So, check the dates, mark your calendar and be sure you are here for one of the biggest parties of the year and the best Scottsdale AZ nightlife!

The Tipsy Panda

When we are looking for something to do late at night, there are times we want to do something other than sit around a table as drinks vanish and are replaced as the hours pass. Well, if you are looking for something to really spice up your evening, make sure you take a trip to the Tipsy Panda. The name alone is amusing enough to visit, but you are sure to stop by once you discover that this is more than just a lounge. You will of course find your various wines and beers, but you’ll also find a range of specialty cocktails such as the Fu Manchu with Chinese 5 spice old-fashioned with Chivas 12 scotch, or the Tiki-la-la which consists of Herradura reposado tequila, prickly pear, agave and more! Not only will you find a range of Asian-inspired cocktails, but you’ll also find that they routinely host karaoke nights, which have long since become a staple of the late-night scene. So, why not grab a good drink and then sing the night away, though make sure you don’t get so wrapped up in the entertainment you forget to try some of their scrumptious food including Truffle Kale Chips, Asian Chicken Salad, Chicken Negima Skewers, and more! So, come and experience all the joy and fun that comes with karaoke bars by visiting the Tipsy Panda!

Dirty Dog Saloon

If you are truly looking for an old-time party where there are no rules and everything goes, then make sure you stop by Dirty Dog Saloon. During the day one will find it rather unassuming with great food that makes for the perfect lunch stop. However, as the light fades from the sky, and the stars come out to play so too does Dirty Dog Saloon. In almost an instant the quiet eatery and bar transforms into the wildest of parties that any biker would feel welcome to be a part of. You’ll find that the Dirty Dog hosts a wide range of parties, many of which include not just flowing drinks, but live music for you to dance to as the hours tick by. Throughout the month, you will find a surprisingly large variety of different musicians grace the stage, ensuring that no matter your musical tastes, someone is bound to come that please the ear.

As well, given the rock and roll biker theme, the Dirty Dog sticks to, you’ll find that many aspects begin to seem like something out of a movie or frat house. Many nights you’ll find more adult-centered entertainment begin to take place, which we suggest you don’t bring your parents to as it might make for a rather awkward ride home. Not only will you find that the nights are wild and the drinks cheap, but that they also provide some rather surprisingly good food ranging from scrumptious sandwiches to cheeseboard appetizers to various salads. As well as a range of other entrees for you to enjoy as you take a break from the roaring music and dancing bodies to rest. So, if you are looking for a late-night party that is sure to leave a lasting impression and one which you will never forget, then make sure you come to the Dirty Dog Saloon today!

Fox Cigar Bar Scottsdale

At our number one spot we have a late-night hangout that might not be quite what you expected, but nonetheless stands for the perfect place to lounge around and relax with friends, with just a splash of sophistication in the air. At Fox Cigar Bar you are sure to have a fun-filled evening of elegance and sophistication as you choose your drink from over 400 premium spirits, not to mention 14 taps that are constantly rotated. As well, it wouldn’t be a cigar bar without a prize stogie to slowly enjoy and smoke as the hours wear on, and the night grows older. Well, if a good old-fashioned cigar is your calling you find yourself a kid in a candy shop in one of the largest walk-in humidifiers in America, thus ensuring an astonishingly wide selection of premium cigars for you to enjoy, ranging from the strong and smokey, to the smooth and mild you are sure to find something to please your tastes as you chat and share stories with those around you. So, why not grab a good scotch, light up a warm cigar, and sink into the plush leather chairs as you begin a night of sophisticated elegance that you are sure to not forget any time soon.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Scottsdale

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