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Top 5 Fancy Restaurants

Many of us enjoy the simpler pleasures, such as a cozy meal at a diner, eating an entrée we know well, and which allows us to sit in the comfort of predictability. However, for every person like that, there is plenty who enjoy the more elegant and sophisticated things in life. For those, there is nothing better than dining somewhere where every item and dish has been labored over and perfected, and where you are truly waited upon by those who want nothing more then to give you a night you remember. Well, if the latter describes you then make sure you check out our top five fancy restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona!

Atlas B.Y.O.B

Our first stop on our journey through the fancy and elegant is Atlas B.Y.O.B, who puts a unique twist on what a fancy establishment is. Here you will be able to of course pick a bottle of your choosing to pair with your excellently prepared meal. However, what makes them stand out is that they are equally open to you bringing your own bottle; after all, they have many wines, but they can’t have them all! This ensures that whatever it is you desire to quench your thirst, and bring out the flavors of the meal, you can.

Where their food is concerned, it’s no wonder they have won numerous awards as many of their ingredients are either organic, hand foraged, local, wild, line-caught etc. Basically, Atlas has ensured that you are truly getting the best of the best, down to even the most basic of ingredients. Before you start your meal, you might enjoy one of their various cheese flights, including some made with rather unique ingredients like sheep’s milk. After you enjoy your scrumptious and exotic cheeses, prepare for a five-course menu ranging from Wild Market Fish Crudo to Linz Prime Hanger Steak, and to top it all off a Spiced Plantations Dark Rum Cake. So, if you are looking for the flavors and elegance of fine dining but are looking for the freedom of choice in regard to your pairings, then make sure you stop by Atlas B.Y.O.B today!

Ocean 44

Just because you find yourself in the middle of a large city plopped down amongst the blistering sun of a desert, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wafting, tantalizing flavors of fresh seafood. At Ocean 44 they have dedicated themselves to being able to bring world-class seafood and steak to the desert. You’ll find that not only do they offer a wide variety in their menu, but you’ll see that their dining area is perfect for an intimate night eating fine food, and staring longingly into one another’s eyes, and if you are looking for a particularly intimate spot make sure to request on of the private booth, or even a private dining area. Further, you’ll find that their bar not only has a wide selection of your typical cocktails and spirits, but also has an extensive wine list as well as some of the finest scotches you can find.

As you dine, you’ll see a range of different aquatic fair ranging from Main Lobster Cocktails to Pacific Yellow Hamachi, to Rhode Island Calamari and Shrimp. You’ll also find a fair selection of premium steaks such as Domestic Wagyu Filet, Bone-in Ribeye, or even the comfort food of loaded potatoes. This is just scratching the surface of the wide variety of fresh seafood the likes of which you can only find close to the roaring waters of the ocean. So, if you are looking for an intimate evening, or wishing to share a mouthwatering meal with some close friends, then make sure you keep Ocean 44 in mind!

Dominick’s Steakhouse

Besides our vegetarian, and vegan, friends many of us will readily admit that we love the idea of a well-cooked steak, the outside perfect seared, but juices trapped within the perfectly seasoned crust that encloses it. For this reason, a discussion on fancy restaurants in Scottsdale wouldn’t be complete without mentioning at least one steakhouse, and in this case, that distinction goes to Dominick’s Steakhouse. This upscale steakhouse offers a wide range of different cuts of meat, in an even wider range of sizes. However, make sure you check out their impressive wine stock, featuring a large collection of different wines from around the world, ensuring that you’ll find something that is the perfect pairing to your expertly prepared steak. You’ll find such entrees like Chicken Friend Lobster Tails, Main Lobster, Hawaiian Poke, and a range of other seafoods. However, as expected their true specialty lies in their meats, here in which you’ll find just about every cut of steak you could imagine from the famous rib-eye, to the long-sought-out Filet Mignon, to the rich flavors of Rack of Lamb. To add to their extensive list, they also offer a variety of toppings for your choosing including crab cakes, shrimp, and even blue cheese.

However, while their food is no doubt scrumptious, and an art piece in of itself, you’ll find yourself equally amazed by their intimate and cozy dining area which stretches an impressive 10,500 square feet, complete with leather walls, carefully chosen artworks, and handcrafted chandeliers. If you eat on the roof, you’ll be treated to a very unique addition which is their rooftop pool, which is perfect for a romantic intimate evening between two souls in passionate love. So, if you are looking for a perfectly prepared, juicy steak and an environment that screams of class and elegance, then make sure you check out Dominick’s Steakhouse today.


As we get closer to our number one spot, you’ll find that the restaurants are slowly approaching the best of the best, with some of the fanciest amenities to showcase, and the most prestigious awards to display. Well, coming up on the rear of our number one is Sel, which in of itself is about as fine as you get in the dining world. After a night with them, it will come as no shock that they have been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2020/2021 and Diner Choice 2020. Here you’ll find a menu made with not but the freshest of ingredients, meaning that as the seasons pass, and certain harvests come and go, so to will their menu. This not only ensures that you get the freshest of the fresh, but that every time with Sel is sure to be a unique one.

You’ll find a selection of small plates including Ossetra Caviar, Olives and Cheeses, and Lamb Dumplings. If you are looking for a plate all to yourself then you might enjoy the Main Scallops, N.Y Strip, or the Thai Basil Crusted Alaskan Halibut. However, their true expertise is shown via their 4-course tasting menu, which also includes a free dessert! At this moment, the tasting menu includes Tuna Tartare, Crab, and summer corn Custard Beignet, 14 hour braised pork belly, and a choice between Alaskan Halibut, Filet mignon, or Main Scallops. The meal top offed with a delectable Strawberry-Marzipan Shortcake. With all this is comes as no wonder people continue to flick to Sel for a taste of the finer life, and to experience the magical artistry of their chef.

Café Monarch

Finally at number one we have one the most elegant and celebrated fine dining establishments in the Scottsdale area. Café Monarch has worked hard to become the go-to place for those seeking something a bit fancier in life, so it comes as no surprise that that trip advisor voted them in the Top Three Fine Dining Restaurants in the nation! At Café Monarch, you will find an elegant ambiance, that immediately makes you feel like royalty. Not only will you find five-star cuisine, but each bite you take will be not but the finest, and freshest, of ingredients. If you are looking for a fine wine to pair with your exquisite meal, then make sure you ask one of the servers, all of whom had to be trained as master sommeliers assuring that they truly know which of their wines from around the world will most please your palate.

With your perfect paring now chosen, you will get to feast upon an artistically prepared four-course dinner menu, which includes a wide variety of flavors for your choosing including Fresno Chile glazed pork belly to peaches and cream, to petit filet. You’ll also get your choice of a main course which includes the Chef’s 8 course tasting for even more flavors, to Maple Leaf Farm Duck breast to New Zealand rack of Lamb, to a classic surf and turf and much more! Keep in mind though that due to them only use fresh ingredients the menu constantly changes as the seasons come and go, and time continues its never-ending march forward. So, if you are looking for a true taste of elegance, and to feel what it’s like to be royalty even if but for a moment, then make sure you come and dine at the world-renowned and award-winning Café Monarch!

Enjoy the Best Fancy Restaurants in Scottsdale

If reading any of these has you daydreaming of enjoying their fine meals, dressed in your finest clothes, with someone special seated across from you, then inquire about these best fancy restaurants in Scottsdale by calling Scottsdale Rentals today at (844) 948-1273 or contact us here! Enjoy these amazing restaurants close to our gorgeous vacation rentals!