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Reasons to Visit Scottsdale

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There are endless reasons to visit Scottsdale, Arizona, but if you need a few more reasons to pull the trigger on your next vacation to our fantastic destination, we’ve got you covered. Read on below to see all the top reasons to visit Scottsdale for your next getaway!


If you are a fan of outdoor activities, pristine views, exercise that is good for your soul, spending quality time with your loved ones, and seeing one-of-a-kind nature, then going hiking is THE best activity for you and your pals. Luckily for you, Scottsdale has no shortage of hikes and nature trails that are great for breaking a sweat, staying active on vacation, and checking out views from the top of nearby peaks. Some of the best hikes in the surrounding area include the Gateway Loop Trail, which brings you to a great viewpoint high above Scottsdale and is only 4.5 miles long. You can also try the Camelback Mountain peak via the Echo Canyon Trail for a fun and moderate hike that is great for the entire friend group.

Tons of Sunshine

Many people come to Arizona, and Scottsdale specifically, from dreary parts of the United States, or the world, to soak in the year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. Scottsdale has sun more than 300 days per year, which offers the perfect respite from the cold during the winter months.

Dining Options

After a long day of hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, shopping, or just wandering around town, you can head to one of the upscale, trendy, and modern restaurants to tickle your palate. Not only are there takeaway food restaurants and breweries that are sure to give you the perfect pour of an IPA and some pub food, but Scottsdale also has more upscale restaurants that are ideal for foodies and date nights. We recommend going to Chula Seafood if you love calamari or salmon, Fat Ox for an Italian plate of pasta or meat, or Toca Madera for the best nachos, margaritas, tacos, and enchiladas you have ever had!

Bring Your Golf Clubs

Even if you are not an expert at golfing, you will still have fun at one of over 200 golf courses that dot Scottsdale and the surrounding area. You can drive the golf cart, enjoy a few drinks in the clubhouse, or try your luck at driving and putting on the golf course on a sunny summer day. We recommend going to the Stadium Course in TPC to pretend to be a pro participating in one of the upcoming PGA Tour events!

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