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Winter Journey to Scottsdale

The desert is a beautiful and magical place that few other ecosystems can match. While you may not see green forests with beautiful meadows, you have the beauty of towering Saguaro cacti and desert dotted with shrubs as the occasional rabbit scurries out of hiding. Not only this, but the area is always good for a hike, considering snow is almost unheard of during Winter in Scottsdale (it can get a bit chilly at night). The city itself is quite large and filled with all manner of activities to enjoy and adventures to be had. When you rent with Scottsdale Rentals, you will have the ability to stay in a beautiful rental that is sure to feel more like home then anything. Read on and discover the adventures and excitement lying in wait on a winter journey to Scottsdale!

Fun in the Sun

Of course, outdoor activities are a favorite winter hobby in the deserts, and make sure you make the most of the constant sunny sky and warm days. For instance, one could head on over to the Sunrise Trail Scenic View which features a 4.9-mile point-to-point hike. While at parts this can be a bit of a challenging hike, it is quite worth it as you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains including camel back, south mountain, and the various speaks of the McDowell range. You could also head to Tom’s Thumb Trail which is a bit quitter but none-the-less features stunning views and takes you through the beautiful desert landscape. This 4-mile out-and-back trail is rated as difficult with steep switchbacks, but the view atop is quite something to behold as you’ll get views of both the Phoenix metropolitan area as well as the McDowell Mountains. If one is looking for some adventure then make sure you head on over to the REI Co-op Adventure which offers both the ability to rent various gear to have your own adventure, as well as guided tours. You’ll have your choice of a variety of informative and exciting tours ranging from mountain biking to hiking, to rafting to paddleboarding, and all in between. However, if one isn’t looking for adventure, then one can still enjoy one of their calming and tranquil yoga classes.

City Adventures

Of course, while the desert wilderness is quite something to behold, make sure you take the time to explore all the excitement going on in the city itself. For instance, one could head on over to the Butterfly Wonderland which holds the title of the largest Butterfly Conservatory in the country! Enjoy strolling through their artificial rainforest as literally thousands of butterfly’s dances in the air around you are creating a rather whimsical experience. As well, you will find that there are a number of interactive exhibits ensuring that you don’t just have a wonderfully beautiful experience, but also get to learn a thing or two in the process.

One could also head on over to the Scottsdale Fashion Mall which, with 2 MILLION square feet of space, is the largest mall in Arizona. You’ll find all your classic favorites such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton! You’ll also find a number of delectable places to eat from a quick bite at Chipotle to a sweet treat at Cinnabon, to cocktail lounges and ice-cream. One could even head on over to the OdySea Aquarium and enjoy a day of studious adventure as you learn about the creatures of the sea via a variety of unique, high tech, and interactive exhibits. You can enjoy exploring the lives of Penguin, go under the water with their SeaTrek experience, to the classic touch pools many of us remember from our own childhoods.

A Good Drink

Of course, while there are plenty of places to enjoy various activities, make sure you take the time to enjoy the various breweries the area houses. For instance, head on over to the Wren House Brewing Company which is proud to say they won the 2020 Great American Beer Festival. So, enjoy either their tap room or the outside patio as you sample a variety of different brews. From the Sour Gose of Lady Banks to the American Lager of Valley beer, to the New England IPA that is Spellbinder you are sure to find the perfect brew for you. One could also head on over to The Shop Beer Co. which was rated the new times best of Phoenix 2020 and features a variety of different brews, all of which have a creative twist but none the less sport consistent quality. For instance, you might enjoy the Blonde Lager of Crispy, or the Hazy IPA that is Whale in Space, or even the Double IPA F.Y.I.T.M. No matter what your personal taste, you are sure to find the perfect creation with them!

A Place to Stay During Winter in Scottsdale

Of course, while enjoying your winter journey one needs a good home to return to, and that is exactly what one will find when they rent with us. Not only do we offer the best prices in the area but offer a range of different rentals coming in all shapes and sizes from the large and grand, to the small and cozy. No matter what it is you are looking for, you are sure to find your dream rental. As well, we as a company are dedicated to giving you a vacation that you will be telling people of for years to come. For this reason, we don’t just focus on having affordable and lovely rentals, but also that we take the time to make sure you are having the experience you had hoped for. For this reason, we are even happy to put on the concierge hat and help you put together the perfect itinerary for you that will have you seeing the very best that the area has to offer.

As one can see, there are a variety of different ways one could spend their winter journey with us from exploring the outdoors, to seeking adventure, to enjoying a true home that comes with all the warmth that one would expect from such. So, if you are ready to pick that perfect place, and even start planning the vacation itself, then make sure you give us a call at (844) 619-8716!