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Wildlife Journey in Scottsdale

There is something especially rejuvenating about wildlife—after all, how many of us have been in a sour mood only to momentarily forget as we spy a squirrel playing in a tree or a bunny hoppy across a lawn in the early evening? When we go on vacation, this is especially true, and even when we vacation to sprawling urban environments, it’s still nice to spend some of that time viewing the local fauna going about their day-to-day lives. Read on and discover how you can enjoy a Scottsdale wildlife journey!

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Take a Hike & Look Out for Scottsdale Wildlife

When you first see the glittering lights of Scottsdale and Phoenix, you might wonder where you would even go to get into the wilderness in order to hike in the first place. You’ll be pleased to find that Scottsdale actually has several areas to hike and for you to get into the real heart of nature. For instance, you might like taking a trip to the Sunrise Trail Scenic View, where you can enjoy a beautiful 4.9-mile trail that will have you climbing up switchbacks to rest atop the summit, where you will gaze in wonder at the four wilderness peaks—Camelback, McDowell Range, South Mountain, and Fountain Hills—not to mention a brilliant view of the Superstition wilderness. You also might enjoy checking out Tom’s Thumb Trail, which will have you climbing 4 miles out and back on a moderate to difficult hike which will give you brilliant views of wild desert flowers as well as views of the McDowell Mountains and Phoenix. However, keep a lookout, as the desert tortoise and javelina can be spotted among the rocks, and watch your step, as rattlesnakes are also active in the area. Of course, you can also head over to Pinnacle Peak Park, where you can make the most of this 1.75-mile out-and-back trail which will have you gaining 1,300 feet in elevation. This is an especially good hike to take if you find yourself the curious type, as there are several interpretive displays along the trail so you truly can appreciate all that you are seeing. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, you can even take advantage of several rock-climbing routes that can be found in the area.

Enjoy Some Recreational Activities

This first one might take some by surprise, but you can even enjoy some lake fun in Arizona by heading on over to Bartlett Lake Recreation Area. Take a day to make the most out of the 2,815 acres of boatable lake surface and spend the day fishing, water skiing, tubing, or taking part in any of the other various water sports available to you. While you’re here, keep an eye out, as you’re almost assured to see mule deer, bald eagles, javelina, coyotes, and several indigenous desert plants, including saguaro cactus and mesquite trees. After a day on the lake, head over to Papago Park, where you can enjoy the park’s natural formation of “Hole in the Rock” which features exactly that—a large hole that has been carved out of the rock thanks to thousands of years of erosion. This makes for a wonderful nature walk up to the landmark where you can gaze out across the lagoon and downtown area, making it perfect for a good sunset walk to enjoy the awe-inspiring desert sunsets for which the area is well known. While you’re there, make sure you make enough time to check out the Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Gardens, and all that resides within the park.

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Spend Time with Desert Animals

While you’re here with us, make sure you make the most out of the various societies and conservation projects that let you get up close and personal with the many desert animals and wildlife in Scottsdale AZ they protect. For instance, head on over to the Phoenix Herpetological Society and spend the day among the slithery creatures of the desert at the largest reptile sanctuary in the US. You’ll even get to see adult demonstrations of alligators and crocodiles and learn about all the fascinating facts you might not have known in regard to these fascinating creatures. You can even take a tour with them and learn about the various endangered species that lie within their protective walls, as well as how they try to help them thrive. This is not to mention quite a few hands-on activities that you’ll get to take part in during your tour and exploration of the area.

Where to Stay

Of course, there is nothing better after a day of hands-on exploring than being able to come back to a place that truly feels like a home and where you can allow yourself to properly unwind and recuperate before another day exploring the desert lands. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you rent with Scottsdale Rentals! You’ll find that we have a large variety of different rentals, perfect for everyone from large families looking for a chance to escape and reconnect with each other to couples looking to celebrate a special occasion and even small single families looking for a break from the chaos of life. You’ll also find that we are more than happy to use our local knowledge to put together the perfect vacation for you and to give you an experience you are sure to never forget.

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If you are ready to experience all the joys of the desert and see the wildlife in Scottsdale AZ that calls the area its home, make sure you inquire further with Scottsdale Rentals by calling us at (844) 948-1273 or book your stay with us online today!

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