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Spring Journey to Scottsdale

You will find there are few better times to visit the beautiful deserts of Scottsdale than the spring, when the heat is still low, and the flowers are blooming. If your interest is piqued, make sure you read on and discover the Scottsdale spring vacation that’s waiting for you!

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Scottsdale, Arizona Things to Do in Spring

While the heat is lower and the days cool, relative to the summer of course, make sure you make the most of the beautiful landscapes that can be found in the area. For instance, one can head over to Camelback Mountain, which always is a good time and one of the most popular hiking spots in the area. However, keep in mind to bring plenty of water and know your limits, as while beautiful, it’s a very difficult hike due to the extreme elevation gain. Upon standing on the peak, you’ll find a panoramic view of not only the surrounding wilderness, but also the urban landscape spread out before you. One could also take on the Sunrise Trail, a 4.9-mile point-to-point trail. You’ll be gifted with beautiful views, and at the summit you will be able to see the four wilderness peaks, including Fountain Hills, South Mountain, Camelback, and the nearby McDowell range. You’ll further find that the Hole-in-the-Rock Trail is always a fun one, and being less than a half mile, you’ll discover it’s the perfect easy, laid-back nature walk for those maybe not looking to trek deep into the wilderness. Upon reaching the end, you’ll find the apply named monolith which is quite literally a giant hole naturally carved into the rock. This makes for a perfect photo opportunity with lagoons and the downtown area for your backdrop.

Enjoy Some Urban Pleasures

Make sure you check out the various urban discoveries and Scottsdale, Arizona things to do in the city that are to be had. For instance, one could head on over to the largest mall in Arizona over at Fashion Square Mall, which features a staggering two million square feet of shopping space for you to explore and browse. You’ll find all your famous luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci. You’ll also find classic mall staples such as a Jamba Juice and Cinnabon. You’ll find that one can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing the multiple stories and endless corridors with shops lining the walls.

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One could also head over to OdySea Aquarium if one is interested in embracing the more studious side of life. You’ll find the aquarium offers a variety of unique and interactive exhibits you are sure to love. For instance, check out the OdySea Voyager, which will have you “Submerged in a Submarine” on this 20-minute adventure. You also might enjoy going underwater with their special diving helmets over at the Seatrek exhibit. Of course, you’ll find the touch pools that make any aquarium special, but even a penguin exhibit!

Afterwards, why not head on over to Wonderspace and check out the more artistic side of the area, if not the slightly more unusual. You’ll find a variety of odd and unique exhibits that are sure to make you do a double take as you browse the various sights. You’ll see, for instance, Human Study #1, which will have you being drawn by a robot to join over 36,000 other portraits in this interactive art exhibit. You’ll also find the rather macabre Killing Time, which is a sculpture of a skull with ferrofluid added to the mouth to give the illusion of breath.

After all this, why not end you day with a trip to Carlson Creek Vineyard, which offers a variety of wine tastings from their selection of over thirteen varieties. You’ll find that they even offer cheese boards where one can snack in style as you sample fine wines.

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At Scottsdale Rentals, we are dedicated to giving you the vacation you have been dreaming of. For this reason, we’ve worked hard to put together a large variety of different rentals that range in not just size, but also price to ensure anyone with any budget can come and stay with us. You’ll also discover that many of our rentals come with private pools and hot tubs which are always nice for a dip and the perfect way to end your day. Many of our rentals come with kitchens which ensures that you can soon have your cozy home filled with the warm and tantalizing scents of your perfect prepared homecooked meal. You’ll also find that we are all locals here and have been for some time, thus we are more than happy to help you put together the perfect itinerary that will have you seeing the very best Scottsdale, Arizona things to do.

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So, if you are ready to turn a daydream into reality and experience all the different joys that can be found during a Scottsdale spring journey, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (844) 619-8716 today!