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Hiking Journey in Scottsdale!

Many of us find ourselves trapped amongst the confines of concrete jungles where we scream out for a breath of fresh air and to feel the calming and rejuvenating nature around us. Many travelers find themselves craving this escape and a chance to reconnect with a natural world many have forgotten; if you are craving such an adventure, you’re in luck! Even if you are traveling to a sprawling urban expanse like Scottsdale, you’ll find that there are plenty of places to hike in Scottsdale, AZ and explore the desert world and read on to discover what adventures lay in store!

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Places of Hiking Trails Galore

While there are many hiking trails scattered around the area, you will find there are several sprawling wildernesses where one could most likely hike for a year and still not have traveled all the trails. For example, one could head on over to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. This area hosts a staggering 84 trails that range from simple nature walks that have you gazing at the beautiful desert botanical life to true adventures that will have you trudging for days through the unforgiving wilderness as you travel a staggering 51.2 miles! These trails are truly for everyone as you will find they are perfect for biking and hiking alike, and you can even take a horse along the rocky roads! If one is looking for a test of physical might, then you’ll be pleased to find that the area hosts several rock-climbing routes for you to challenge the mighty earth

If one is looking for even more trails and wilderness to explore and conquer then look no farther than the Tonto National Forest, which stretches a whopping 2.9 million acres and hosts a shocking 226 hiking trails, making it the largest National Park in Arizona and the seventh-largest in the entire USA! You’ll find trails that will have you climbing up to 7,900 feet and walking through everything from flatlands, to highlands, to pine forests. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, as there are many species of wildlife who call the area home and are more than happy to make a brief appearance! On your hike, you can find bald eagles, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, skunks, roadrunners, great blue herons, and more!

Once could head on over to the Pinnacle Peak Park if they are looking for a large wilderness, but perhaps not quite as large as the previous items. You’ll find that this park stretches an impressive 150 acres and cuts through the mysterious Sonoran Desert. You’ll not only find a moderate 1.75 mile out and back trail, but also several rock-climbing routes for those who are looking to show off their physical might. Not only this, but you’ll find that there are many interpretive displays along the way which will allow you to not only see our beautiful wilderness but truly learn as much as possible about the world around you.

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A Good Hiking Trail

Of course, there are times we might just want a good one-day hike and not go exploring an entire wilderness and forest. Well, if this is what you are seeking then make sure you head on over to the famous Camelback Mountain! This is one of the most popular hikes in the area and is also well known to be incredibly difficult. It’s important to remember that this is also a very dangerous hike due to hikers often running out of water and overheating. So, make sure you bring plenty of fluid and respect your limits. However, do so, and you will be gifted with awe-inspiring views upon reaching the 2,704-foot summit that overlooks the sprawling metropolitan area that you have been calling home.

After tackling the difficult, but majestic, Camelback Mountain head on over to the Sunrise Scenic View which will have you tackling a series of switchbacks as you make your way to the summit. You’ll be gifted breathtaking panoramic views of the mysterious superstition wilderness, the fountain hills, south mountain, your previously conquered camelback, and the nearby peaks of the looming McDowell range. This makes for a popular hike that will have you traveling 4.9 miles and tackling not only rugged terrain but several looming boulders!

Finally, after so much exploring and adventure, one might desire an easier stroll that just sports a pretty view instead of a physical challenge. Well, if this is what you are seeking then head on over to Papago Park and enjoy the .3-mile hike to the Hole in the Rock, which is a natural formation where one can stand within and look out across the lagoons and downtown area. This makes it perfect for a quick walk and a good photo opportunity. Not to mention that, afterward, one can grab a pole and enjoy an afternoon of tranquil fishing at the man-made lagoons!

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A Place to Relax

Of course, after a day of exploring and hiking, you’ll want to relax in a place equally as wonderful as the trails and areas you have explored. You’ll find that with Scottsdale Rentals, you’ll have a diverse selection of different vacation rentals, which you can call your own. You’ll find that each one is unique and special in its own way and come in a range of prices that are sure to meet any budget. Further, many rentals come with full kitchens that are fully stocked, with all the essentials you might need to prepare a feast. As well, here at Scottsdale Rentals, we are locals and are more than happy to not only help you find your dream rental but also help you plan a vacation you will always look back on fondly.

As you can see, despite the concrete towers and close buildings of the large city of Scottsdale, there are plenty of hikes and wilderness areas hidden about for you to escape to and lose yourself within. If you are feeling the pull of adventure, then make sure you give Scottsdale Rentals a call at (844) 948-1221 or visit us today at www.scottsdalerentals.com!