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Guys Journey in Scottsdale!

Now and then, it’s nice to have a week with the guys where you can do the things you all have been wanting to do, but without the calls and duties of family life pulling you back. It can be difficult to find time when all the good buddies can gather and make memories once more. For this reason, on the few occasions when one can have their guy vacation and enjoy the friendships that have endured for so long must be cherished. So, if you find yourself planning a guy trip to Scottsdale Arizona to the wonderful and warm deserts of Scottsdale, read on about all that could be in store for you and your guy friends!

Do Some Exploring

Even though one might find themselves in a crowded city, there is plenty of outdoor adventures to be had with you and your friends. For instance, you and the guys might enjoy heading over to REI Co-op Adventure Center, where one can book outdoor tours, including mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, rafting, paddleboarding, and more! All guides are not only knowledgeable of the area and more than willing to pass on some wisdom, but all tours also provide the gear, and each guide is CPR and first aid supervised, ensuring that you are in good hands! If you aren’t interested in a guide and truly want to embrace the adventurer spirit, feel free to rent the equipment you need and set out on your explorations!

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One could also head on over to the Barlett Lake Recreation Area, where one can enjoy the waters and all the adventures that come with them. This lake offers over 2,800 acres of boatable surface for you to explore and have fun, whether that be via fishing, relaxing boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, or whatever else the heart desires. If you and the guys are feeling quite adventurous, make sure to bring some tents and spend a night camped out upon the shore with the sound of the steady waters lapping up on the shore singing you to sleep. Keep your eyes open while you explore the waters though, as many local animals like to play hide and seek with their human neighbors including mule deer, bald eagles, javelina, and more!

Explore the Breweries

Many don’t realize it, but Scottsdale hosts a variety of superb breweries, where the best-of-the-best can be tasted and enjoyed. For instance, one might like to stop by the Wren House Brewing Company and spend some time enjoying their taproom and patio. They take pride in their diverse range of techniques and styles, which produce intriguing combinations of classic favorites with Arizona flair and cultures. Thus, it is no surprise to hear that they won the 2020 Great American Beer Festival and were voted the Best Craft Beer of 2020. Enjoy beers such as the sour goose Lady Banks or the American Lager Valley Beer. One could also try something slightly bolder like the New England IPA SpellBinder or the imperial/double stout that is Fire Barrel.

Of course, they aren’t the only ones boasting awards, as you also might like to head on over to the Shop Beer Co., which was rated the New Times Best of Phoenix 2020 and even offer online ordering! You’ll find that they take true pride in the quality of their product and enjoy allowing some creativity flow during the creating process. You’ll find such flavors as the blonde lager Crispy, or the West Coast IPA Wizard of the West, or even the Hazy IPA Wale in Space (as you can see the creativity goes even to the names!).

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Finally, one could enjoy the family-owned and operated Goldwater Brewing Co. for a good, down-to-earth brew created from over 30 years of knowledge in the field. After trying some of their delectable brews, it will come as no surprise to discover that they have over a hundred bards and restaurants serving their beers, creating many loyal fans. You’ll be able to enjoy such creations as the American brown ale Machine Gun Teddy, the Kolsh Desert Rose, or the German Pilsner Hundred Dollar Pills

Have a Good, But Unique, Time

We could end our discussion with all the other various things a group of guys might enjoy, however, we will focus on a few that we think are particularly interesting and sure to make for an experience you and your guy friends will be discussing for years to come. For instance, why not get dinner and a show by heading over to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament? Here you will not only be gifted a four-course meal consisting of garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, and more (all given by the grace of the queen, of course). As you feast upon the labor of the castle cooks, enjoy a tournament of that ages as you watch knights lock arms as they fight for honor and glory. Enjoy 2 hours of combat and armed fighting, jousting, live animal acts, equine entertainers, and more, all with modern special effects and strobe lights to create a night of wonder and enchantment.

After this, take a chance to relax in luxury and style at the Fox Cigar Bar in Scottsdale. Enjoy a smooth and perfectly rolled cigar as you relax in the sophisticated and classy lounge complete with bar seating, leather chairs, 24 TVs, and more. Make sure to hit the bar, and make the tough choice between 14 constantly rotating taps or their staggering collection of over 400 premium spirits. After choosing your cigar from the largest walk-in humidors in Arizona, one can enjoy the outside patio as they sip their cigar and premium drink under the watchful desert moon and sky.

Finally, end your guy’s week out by hitting up the unique experience that is indoor skydiving at iFly. This experience will not only have you levitating upon the flowing air below you but will give you a beginner’s course in skydiving and the techniques behind it (after all, you never know when you might wish to try out the real thing!). Each person will get two turns to float and fly above the industrial-sized wind tunnel as your instructor guides you on all aspects of the suspended free fall. Even better, there is no experience needed to enjoy this safe and fun activity that is sure to have all at home jealous upon hearing of your adventure.

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A Home to Return To

After a day of exploring the city and enjoying each other’s company, one will want to retire to a place they can truly unwind and let their guard down as one talks and makes memories with their good friends. Well, with Scottsdale Rentals, you will find a large selection of vacation rentals that are sure to raise your interest. You’ll find that some are large and grand, others are cozy and quaint, others with fancy décor that screams elegance and sophistication, while more that find beauty in simplistic nature. You will also find that our rentals come in a range of different prices to ensure that anyone can find a rental to fit their wallet. As well, we want to ensure you get to see all there is when you visit our desert city, and for that reason, we are more than happy to help you put together an itinerary that will have you seeing all you ever could when you head out on your guy’s journey.

So, if you are looking to make the most of your Guys trip to Scottsdale Arizona a beautiful desert destination, then make sure you enquire further with Scottsdale Rentals at (844) 948-1221 and start creating memories with you and your friends!

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