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Girls Journey to Scottsdale Arizona!

In this day and age where it seems chaos and uncertainty hide around every corner of the maze that has become life, our friends and those we hold close matter more than ever. Unfortunately, for these same reasons, it can be hard to have all your girlfriends meet for a time of fun and memories! Thus, when we manage to get the crew together for an adventure and escape from the modern world, it falls upon our shoulders to ensure it’s an unforgettable trip. Well, if you are looking for the next destination and location for your girl’s week off, then look no further than the wonders of a girls’ getaway vacation to Scottsdale!

Enjoy the Rejuvenation of Nature

Even though you might find yourself in an urban jungle for your trip, one can still find plenty of outdoor activity and adventures scattered throughout the deserts of the Scottsdale area. For instance, you and the girls might enjoy exploring the Tonto National Forest, which stretches out over a staggering 2.9 MILLION acres, with a jaw-dropping 226 hiking trails to choose from, making it the largest national forest in Arizona and the seventh-largest in the entire USA! Here you can find hikes perfect for all skill levels and goals, and one can have a nice afternoon nature walk that only goes 0.7-miles, or you can truly let the inner explorer out and take on a multi-day 91.8-mile hike! Enjoy sights like the sprawling flatlands filled with desert cacti, the highlands of the Mogollon Rim that carries the scent of pine with the breeze, and the shores of various lakes and streams. Keep your eyes peeled though, as the area hosts a wide variety of desert wildlife that just might take a moment or two to say hello before darting off back to whatever their day holds. You’ll see raccoons, bald eagles, great blue herons, elk, roadrunners, and many more!

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Of course, one could also gather the group together and tackle one of Scottsdale’s most difficult hikes at Camelback Mountain. This popular hike rises to a height of 2,704 feet and includes many areas of steep accent and bouldering. However, upon conquering its mighty face, you will be gifted with a panoramic view of the sprawling urban expanse that is your temporary home. However, keep in mind this hike is difficult for a reason and in the hot summer months has been known to claim several lives. So, make sure you bring plenty of water and ensure you leave early in the morning to avoid the worst of the heat.

Do Some Urban Exploring

While there is plenty to do and see in the surrounding deserts, make sure you make the most of your vacation to Scottsdale with all there is to do in your new urban playground. For instance, you might enjoy taking a gander at the artist side of the city and head on over to the unique and strange Wonderspace where artists put on exhibits that are not your usual pretty painting. For instance, take part in Human Study #1 where you become the exhibit as you find yourself sketched by a robot and added to the growing collection of over 36,000 sketches. One can also gaze in wonder at the rather macabre killing time, a kinetic hourglass sculpture made in the likeness of a skull; as you approach, watch the fluid come to life as the skull begins to breathe and gurgle before you! One could also take part in Before I Die where you write down your dreams and desires alongside those of many others as you take in what truly matters to each of us.

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One could also head on over to OdySea Aquarium, where you and your friends can enjoy the studious side of life as you explore the wonders of the ocean blue. Take a trip on SeaTrek as you go underwater with a special helmet and spy upon the creatures of the deep. Then, head on over to the Odysea Voyager, where you can enjoy a state-of-the-art exhibit where you are “submerged in a Submarine” and go upon a 20-minute journey. Afterward, take the elevator to the deepest parts of the ocean as you explore the strange world that lies beyond your sight. However, no matter your age it is always worth a trip to the touch pools where you can interact and handle various aquatic creatures.

Finally, your group would do well to visit the Butterfly Wonderland, where you and your friends can take in the beauty of literally thousands of butterflies in the largest butterfly conservatory in the country. Walk through the tropical rainforest as you explore the interactive exhibits, catch an educational 3D movie, explore the world of reptiles, and take in the breathtaking flowers that color the area. No matter what your favorite part ends up being, you are sure to fondly remember the afternoon spent among the world’s most beautiful bugs.

Enjoy Some Drinks With Friends

Of course, make the most of having the girls together and talk, laugh, and create memories as you sip upon good drinks and enjoy the nights’ entertainment. For instance, you might enjoy heading on over to the Tipsy Panda; where you can enjoy a variety of specialty cocktails including the Fu Manchu (Chinese 5 spice old fashioned with Chivas 12 Scotch, Yuzu, and angostura bitters) or the Tiki-la-la for a taste of the desert with Herradura reposado tequila, prickly pear, agave, and hibiscus-oak bitters. While enjoying your delectable cocktail, take part in karaoke and sing the night away as you become the entertainment for a moment. Afterward, enjoy some of their delicious bites such as truffle kale chips, Asian chicken salad, chicken Negima skewers, tuna poke bowls, and more!

One might also enjoy heading on over to Beverly on main and enjoying the cocktail lounge in this fancy and sophisticated bar. Enjoy not only good drinks but a variety of expertly crafted meals including a variety of salads, including the classic Caesar or a Pear and Kale creation. They also sport several exquisite wraps, including chicken Caesar or Tijuana ones. As well, you’ll find a variety of tacos, skewers, and specialty sliders which are a must-have for any good drink. AS well, one can enjoy a variety of flatbreads if they are looking for some light to go with their cocktail.

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A Place to Rest, Feast, and Connect

After a day of exploring, there is nothing better than coming back to a place that truly feels like a home and where one can be warm, or in our case cool, comfortable, and enjoy the company of the ones we came with. With Scottsdale Rentals, you are sure to find the place for you as we offer a range of different vacation rentals, each of which comes with its host of amenities and perks, as well as individual charm. You will also find a range of prices so that anyone from any budget can find something that fits their budget. As well, we are here to ensure you have the girls’ getaway vacation to Scottsdale of your dreams and thus are more than happy to help you put together an itinerary that will have you seeing all there is and more when you come and visit our desert city.

So, as you can see, if you are getting your girlfriends of old together to rekindle the friendships that have so long endured, then make sure you keep your wonderful and adventurous deserts of Scottsdale in mind. Your desert escape can be but a click away when you call Scottsdale Rentals at (844) 948-1221!

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