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Fall Journey to Scottsdale

There are many things to admire and love about the desert, especially in the fall. The temperatures drop from their summer peaks, and you’ll never find a more beautiful evening or morning. As well, you will find that few sunsets can begin to match those you will gaze upon in wonder while standing among the sands and cactus. As well, you’ll find that Scottsdale and the surrounding area hold a wide plethora of activities and things to do to ensure that at no time during your trip will you know the meaning of the word bored. So, grab a coffee, lean back, and join us as we explore all the things one can do during a fall Scottsdale journey!

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An Exploration of Local Brews

While many don’t realize it, the Scottsdale area hosts some of absolutely stellar breweries that are truly beginning to make a name for themselves. You would be doing quite the disservice to yourself if you didn’t take the time to visit a couple and try their delicious creations. For instance, you might enjoy taking a trip over to Bone Haus Brewing, who take pride in not just their unique brews, but everything down to the art that decorates the cans. When you visit them, you’ll find a variety of different brews on tap, including the imperial IPS Cooper Crypt, the oatmeal stout Whispers of Geronimo, or the New England pale ale Zeiger Hazy Pale. You’ll also find that they host a number of events from reggae and live rock music to big community BBQs and educational presentations on beer making. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you might prefer Goldwater Brewing Co., who have been up and running for over 30 years and which is still in the hands of the same dedicated family who founded it. You’ll find a number of different brews on tap when you visit, including the German pilsner Hundred Dollar, the pale lager that is Dad Jokes 3, and the sour gose Las Palomas. After you taste one of their fine brews, you’ll realize why over a hundred bars and restaurants request their creations.

Enjoy a Thriving Nightlife

After you spend the afternoon enjoying good brews, why not keep the spirit alive by taking in some of the thriving nightlife that can be found dotted amongst the palm trees and cactus? For instance, you might like to head on over to the Dirty Dog Saloon for a truly wild night and experience. During the day it seems like your typical small bar and eatery, but once the sun goes down, the true spirit of the place comes alive. You’ll find several local musicians playing live here as well as several more adult-themed events which might make the bashful individual blush. However, if you aren’t looking for that kind of a wild night, still stop by during the day for a delicious lunch ranging from salads and sandwiches to cheese platters. You might also enjoy heading on over to the Tipsy Panda, which often hosts karaoke. Not only this, but you’ll find their lounge offers a wide selection of specialty cocktails ranging from the Fu Manchu (Chinese 5 spice old fashioned with Chivas 23 scotch, Yuzu, and angostura bitters) as well as the Tiki-La-La (Herradura reposado tequila, prickly pear, agave, and hibiscus-oak bitters). You’ll also find several delicious meals including truffle kale chips, tuna poke bowls, and chicken negima skewers amongst other delicious bites.

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A Day of Adventure and Wildlife

After a day of drinking and nightlife, make sure you spend some time truly having an adventure at one of the various tour companies in the area. For instance, hitch a ride with Wandering Hearts Adventure and choose a six-day trip package that will show you all the best of northern and southern Arizona. For instance, head on over to the Sedona and see the red rocks before cruising over to the Grand Canyon to behold the area’s most famous landmark. You also might enjoy their tours of Tombstone and Bisbee, or one exclusively focused on the beauty of Sedona. After your tour, make sure you get up close and personal with the desert wildlife at many different conservatories, aquariums, and zoos that can be found in the area. For instance, head over to OdySea Aquarium and spend a day among the fish as you explore the rivers of the world and the complex ecosystem they contain or visit adorable otters at the Otter Banks; you can even go to Seatrek and explore the underwater world utilizing a special helmet. Don’t forget to also take a gander at their exhibit of the bizarre and beautiful world that lies at the deepest parts of the ocean.

Urban Exploring

Finally, make sure you end your journey by exploring the various urban Scottsdale AZ activities that can be found in the area. For instance, you might enjoy checking out Fashion Square mall which hosts a staggering 2,000,000 square feet of retail space featuring everything from Gucci to Lui Vuitton, Nordstrom, eateries like Burberry, Chipotle, and of course, the classic Cinnabon. After you explore the wonders of the massive mall, head over to Wonderspace and explore its strange and interactive art exhibits. For instance, have the unique experience of being sketched by a robot at Human Study #1, or gander at Killing Time, which is a rather macabre sculpture of a skull that has been fitted with ferrofluid to create the illusion of it breathing, or take part in Before I Die, where you get to write upon a board of many others your dreams and ambitions before you pass on to the next world.

A Fall Scottsdale Journey with Scottsdale Rentals

Of course, this is just a brief overview of a fraction of all there is to do here. At Scottsdale Rentals, we are locals, and thus more than familiar with all the goings-on of the area. We are more than happy to help you create an itinerary that is just for you, one that will make your vacation an unforgettable one. This allows you to just focus on your vacation and have a good time instead of being distracted by the stress of vacation planning. Further, you’ll find that we not only can help put together the perfect vacation but offer a diverse selection of rentals for you to call home during your stay with us. What’s more, you won’t be getting stagnant hotel rooms with us, but rather vacation rentals that can be big enough to house an entire family and distant relatives—we also have smaller options that are perfect for just you and the ones absolutely closest to you. Your rental will truly be home and have all the warmth and welcoming nature that one would expect with that.

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As you can see, there’s an avalanche of various Scottsdale AZ activities and things to do when you visit during the cooler months of fall, and there is no better place to stay during your exploration than Scottsdale Rentals. No matter how long you plan on staying in the area, we have the rental for you. Browse our short term rentals, and weekly rentals to find the best option for you! So, if you are ready to have a vacation to remember, don’t hesitate to give Scottsdale Rentals a call at (844) 948-1273 or book your stay online today!