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Getting Around Scottsdale

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There are many ways for you to get around Scottdale once you arrive. Not only can you easily get here via road or plane, but once you’re here, you can choose your mode of transportation that offers unique ways to see the city and the nearby mountains. Check it out!

Party Bike

Are you in the mood to have a few drinks, view the city, get in some exercise, and bond with other people in the local area? We recommend going on a “booze cruise” and taking the Arizona Party Bike to the breweries around the bustling city! The Arizona Party Bike takes you around the busiest and most scenic areas of Old Town to the tastiest and coolest breweries, bars, and pubs that are well-known to locals for the best pours and pub food.

Joy Rides

Another method to get around town quickly and easily, with less work, is the JoyRides AZ Scottsdale Tour. This open-air buggy-type vehicle is ideal for a hot sunny day so you can feel the wind through your hair and avoid the claustrophobic nature of being in a car or bus. The rides take you through Old Town, or you can take a specific tour for your group, such as a culinary ride or a bar-themed trip to the best bars, pubs, and restaurants in the downtown area.

E-Bike or Regular Bike

Cycling through the town is fun and easy. But what if the weather is hot and you are tired? If so, use the electric bike to take a load off and cruise through the streets in no time at all. We love the battery-powered bikes for going to the sights in the Scottsdale area, such as the art galleries, museums, restaurants, cafes, attractions, and shops.

Rent a Segway

Once you learn how to use a Segway, this motor-powered vehicle is fun and easy to use. The Segway is great for those who want to learn more about the city in the process, try something new, and bond with their friends over the fun and exciting nature of cruising around on a segway when compared to taking a car or walking. We recommend using Adventures Out West to use a professional guide and have an educational and fun afternoon.


Last but not least, you can use your own two feet to get around Scottsdale with ease. Much of you want to do and see is within walking distance of your accommodation. And when you do want to go do a hike that is further away, you can easily rent a car from a downtown agency in no time at all. Talk about convenience!

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